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اصطلاحات و ضرب المثل های کاربردی در زبان انگلیسی (بخش سوم)

موسسه تخصصی زبان زنگنه
اصطلاحات و ضرب المثل های کاربردی در زبان انگلیسی (بخش سوم) اصطلاحات و ضرب المثل های کاربردی در زبان انگلیسی (بخش سوم)

معادل فارسی معادل انگلیسی
نان خود را آجر نکن!
Cast not dirt into the well that gives you water.
تو نیکی میکن و در دجله انداز
Cast thy bread upon the waters.
زیره به کرمان بردن
Carry coals to Newcastle.
به دعای گربه سیاه بارون نمیاد
Cattle do not die from crows cursing.
چراغی که به خانه رواست به مسجد حرام است
Charity begins at home.
صدقه دفع بلاست
Charity covers a multitude of sins.
فضول رو بردند جهنم!
Curiosity killed the cat.
تن آدمی شریف است به جان آدمیت
Clothes do not make a man.
در کعبه سالی یکبار باز میشه
Christmas comes but once a year.
احتیاط شرط عقله
Cross the stream where it is shallowest.
تیشه به ریشه خودت نزن
Cut not the bough that you stand upon.
پایت را به اندازه گلیمت دراز کن
Cut your coat according to your clothes.
حرف راست را از بچه بشنو
Children and fools speak the truth.
ترس برادر مرگه!
Cowards die many times before their death.
تف سربالاست!
Curses like chickens will come home to roost.
کاسه داغ تر از آش
Be more catholic than the pope.
دستم نمک نداره
My cake is dough.
شتر در خواب بیند پنبه دانه
The cat will dream of mice.
آشپز که دو تا شد آش یا شور میشه یا بی نمک!
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
اجل برگشته میمیره نه بیمار سخت!
A creaking gate hangs long.
میهمان گرچه عزیز است ولی همچو نفس
A constant guest is never welcome.
آن را که حساب پاک است از محاسبه چه باک است
A clear conscience fears no accusation.
زبون نرم، مار رو از سوراخش بیرون میکشه!
You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
از زمین تا آسمون با هم فرق دارن
It’s hard to imagine Mark and Jane are brothers. They are like chalk and cheese.
چوپان دروغگو
Is the economic future really so bad or are the economists just crying wolf?
آب رفته باز ناگردد به جوی
His decision to resign was disappointing but it’s no use crying over spilt milk.
آرامش قبل طوفان
What the country was experiencing was not peace, but just the calm/lull before the storm.
از آسمون سنگ هم بباره
I’ll get you to the airport by noon, come hell or high water/come rain or shine.
از این شاخه به اون شاخه پریدن
I wish he’d make up his mind. I’m tired of all this chopping and changing.
از خر شیطان پایین آمدن
She was to sell her house but she had a change of heart/climbed down at the last minute.
ماست مالی کردن
When the manufacturer cut corners by using cheap materials, he lost his market.
اشک تمساح ریختن
They were just crying/weeping crocodile tears at the old man’s funeral.
نقشه ها رو بر آب کردن
He thought he could outwit the police but they managed to cook his goose.
بازار رو قبضه کردن
By reducing prices to the minimum, they have effectively managed to corner the market.
آشی برات پخته که یک وجب روغن روشه
As far as I know, he is very vindictive so he’d probably cook a pottage for her.
به جون خودم
You’ll not believe me but, cross my heart, she buys chicken livers and creams for her cats.
رک صحبت میکنه
If she thinks you’re stupid, she’ll tell you. She calls a spade a spade.
بی حسابیم
I paid for last week’s shopping and you paid for this week’s, so let’s call it quits.
سپر بلا شدن
I always had to carry the can for my younger brother when he broke anything.
در حین ارتکاب عمل گیر افتادن
He was caught red-handed emptying the till.
I can’t get a job because I haven’t got any experience, but I can’t get experience until I get a job. It’s a catch 22 situation.
خون گریه کردن
My son cried his eyes/heart out when he realized we couldn’t afford him a new bike.
امید واهی
Is it crying /asking for the moon to hope peace for this country?
خر چه داند قیمت نقل و نبات
I’m afraid you’re casting pearls before swine with you good advice. He won’t listen.
انگار فتح خیبر کرده
Ever since she won that prize, she’s been like the cat that got/stole the cream.
موش و گربه بازی کردن
The authorities have been playing a cat-and-mouse game with the protesters.
سوء تفاهم ها رو برطرف کردن
I know you’re upset with me but I want to clear up the misunderstanding we had earlier.
شیر فهم شد؟!
I won’t tolerate this behavior any longer. Do I make myself clear?/Is that clear?
سر دوراهی بودن
I can’t make up my mind. It’s either stay where I am or apply for a job abroad. I seem to be at a crossroads in my present job.
وقتی آب ها از آسیاب افتاد
One day when the chips are down, you’ll see who your real friends are.
جیم شد
He cleared out/cut and ran before the police arrived.
به قول معروف
Oh well, no news is good news, to coin a phrase.
سیاست هویج و چماق
I’m sure your carrot and stick policy won’t work out.

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